Astrology Occult Knowledge or Just Occulted by Those in the Know?

To be occulted is to be hidden from view. Astrology in one form or another, has been around for over four thousand years, along with those who have a desire to control others and keep their means of control hidden. The wisdom of the finest astrologers of old was sought after by royal courts, financiers, and those in power who sought to preserve their power, by receiving the counsel of those with star knowledge. Preserving power does not involve giving away trade secrets. To those seeking to preserve power, manipulation seems to go hand in hand with their plans. And what better tool to use than the foreknowledge that astrology can reveal about upcoming time periods, or your adversaries, or the best time to begin a venture, or the worst time if you want it to fail!

God has given us free will to choose good over evil. To accept that the universe and all within it falls under the domain of the creator, this would include the all the star knowledge of civilizations throughout time who had their own form of assigning meaning to the movement of celestial bodies. So when did astrology become something bad?

According to the ancient Book of Enoch, chapters 8 and 9 speak of the fallen angels being cast out of heaven and how they brought with them the eternal secrets which are preserved in heaven which men are striving to learn:" Included in the fallen ones were the angels who taught the inhabitants of earth this sacred knowledge, they were Baraqijal (who taught) astrology, and Kokabel the constellations, Shamsiel the signs of the sun, and Sariel the course of the moon. God intended for those chosen to be astrologers to earn their knowledge and not have it revealed to those on earth without sincere effort. These fallen angels are the progenitors of all darkness on earth and the occult, since their arrival on Mount Hermon, and hence, for thousands of years, astrology has been associated with the occult,

So is astrology dark? Not inherently. As with anything, its end result begins with the intent of the user. And many an astrologer must cross over the threshold of should I use this knowledge for the benefit of humanity, or should I keep it to myself to enrich myself and others like me? Not all astrologers face this threshold, as many know the eternal truth that good always triumphs over evil.

So is astrology occult knowledge? Yes and yes. First, God intended for it to be hidden from humans, unless one strived to learn this symbolic language, and had the aptitude to integrate continual observations of the heavens with people, places and things on earth. This integration would continue throughout the course of their lifetimes, and at some point, coalesce into the language of the universe, better known as astrology. This would eventually lead them to self-mastery and a life of service directed by God's intention.

And lastly, since it was and still is, and will always be utilized by the dark ones who seek power without revealing their source. How much money is moved around on the world financial markets on the advice of financial astrologers? We'll never know, since that and much more in our world, remains intentionally occulted by the users.

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