Astrology The Sound of the Planets in Music.

The feel and nature of the planets is often heard through the music of our time. Many musical genres and/or bands personify the feel of a planet's energy. Take a moment to listen to some of your favorites and link planetary energies to them. Pink's song "Who Knew" showcases Mars energy when she sings "I'd stand up and punch them out" there's no other planet that symbolizes the quick and aggressive nature of that statement than Mars.

The Sun's energy is warm, happy and vibrant

The Moon's energy is moody, romantic and flowing

Mercury's energy is moving to and fro in short measures

Venus energy is tender, loving and pleasurable.

Mars energy is aggression, anger, sexuality and a driving force

Jupiter's energy is expansive and voluminous

Saturn's energy is gloomy and depressive

Uranus energy is invigorating, raw or disruptive

Neptune's energy is dreamy, flowing and without boundaries

Pluto's energy is transformative

Here's some that come to mind for me:

The Sun- Happy Together -The Turtles, Spring (The Four Seasons)-Vivaldi, I Can't Help Falling in Love with You-UB40

The Moon-I Got It For You Girl-Toby Keith, Bruno Mars-It Will Rain, Lonely Days-Bee Gees

Mercury-Jazz music, Delirious-Prince, Don't Upset the Rhythm-Noisettes

Venus-Tupelo Honey-Van Morrison, I Cross My Heart-George Strait, Hero Enrique Iglesias

Mars-Gunpowder and Lead-Miranda Lambert, These Boots Are Made For Walking-Nancy Sinatra, Run Like Hell-Pink Floyd, heavy metal music

Jupiter-Columbia-Oasis, Faithfully-Journey, Love Reign O'er Me-The Who, Speed of Sound-Coldplay, Safe and Sound-Capital Cities

Saturn-Blues music, You're Missing-Bruce Springsteen, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald-Gordon Lightfoot, Tuesday's Gone-Lynyrd Skynyrd

Uranus-XXXXin In The Bushes-Oasis, Get In The Ring-Guns and Roses, We Will Rock You-Queen

Neptune-Us and Them-Pink Floyd, A Whiter Shade of Pale-Procol Harum, mellow chill music

Pluto-Buddhist chants, Gregorian chants

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