Astrology Is One of the Languages of the Universe.

Just as the symbolic language of music and mathematics can be read, understood and expressed by those who cannot speak each other's language, the same is true of astrology. Just as the equal sign in mathematics symbolizes both sides are in balance, when one sees the symbol representing the zodiac sign of Libra, the scales, the same concept is conveyed. This concept of two sides in balance exists everywhere in the universe, and the creator has given us the opportunity to communicate this concept with each other, even if our languages separate us, these symbolic languages unite us.

So is it possible to believe in astrology? I suppose so...but that's a strange concept. Faith is not a factor, nor is it required. Astrology is a language to be learned by diligent study and observation throughout one's entire lifetime, if one is so inclined. Astrology enables one to see universal themes reflected in a human being. It also allows one to see the master time clock of the universe ticking off, capturing and releasing us from the moments in time during our lifetime, that unfold in days, weeks, months or years, that can be tracked through the movements of the planets in real time laid atop our birth chart.

The planets, and the zodiac signs and houses, function as nouns, adjectives and verbs. They literally have the ability to describe everything in the universe. This concept we call rulership. Rex Bills has compiled The Rulership Book, which is a dictionary of astrology, and within it one will find which planet, sign or house rules nearly any given person, place or thing. The Sun and the Moon, the great luminaries of the earth, are referred to as planets also, for ease of use. If you were to look up the planet Saturn in an astrological dictionary, you will find things that are substantial in nature such as coal, architecture, land owners, and the emotional state of bereavement. If you look up the planet Venus you will find things that are pleasurable in nature such as sugar, music, money, love and laziness.

Why is a dictionary needed? Because astrology is a language of the universe that is capable of more than describing your personality, your love life and your future. One of its greatest values is in its use as an additional tool for diagnosing health issues. Some other uses of value are for finding lost items, for determining the outcome of a legal matter, for matching partnerships, for making investments based on planetary cycles, for investigative work, for seeing the inherent potentials and limitations in your children, for real estate matters and relocation, and much more. Astrology had primarily been of a practical nature until the New Age movement of the 1960s took astrology into a "me" focused area, where it has remained for the most part. As a self-investigative tool it is expedient, very useful and inexpensive in comparison to years of counseling.

So how is it that astrologers predict the future? We use an Ephemeris, a book of daily planetary movements in tabular form. The same planetary tables used today, and throughout time by farmers and ocean navigators . Nothing magical, just the intellectual ability to follow the planets through 30 degrees of a zodiac sign in real time and apply their current positions to another moment in time such as a time of birth, or a time a business first opened its doors. That's the practical part, the framework. Translating the motions of the planets, to be able to discern how they will play out on earth, requires diligent study, observations, and trusting one's intuition. It is similar to all of us knowing a language, but very few of us delve into the depths of words, how, where and when they came about, what is the energy behind them, and what do they truly mean? Most people know their sun sign, but that's only part of their story.

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