PRICE $150.00

Assists one in finding a career that suits both the personality, and the inherent talents as seen within the birthchart.  An important and valuable service for one seeking vocational guidance.  This chart requires date, time and place of birth.




PRICE: $50.00

Horary charts answer pressing questions about one topic or issue that is on the mind of the person asking the question.  It is the fastest, most precise technique to get right to the heart of a matter.  This chart is constructed at the moment the question is understood by me.  No birth information is required.



PRICE $150.00

Not just love, relationships exist between any two people interacting with each other. Parent and child, brother and sister, co-workers, employee and employer, buyer and seller, ect...but most commonly and importantly is the relationship between two who are in love or committed to each other, or just in the initial stages of attraction.

Get to know your love interest better, how you interact, each person's strengths and weaknesses, and how you two fit together for now and for the long term. 

This chart requires date, time and place of one, but preferably both, of the persons in question.




PRICE  $200.00/Infant charts $100.00

A birth chart or a natal chart is a blueprint of you and your life.  Within it is the core of you.  Repeating patterns in the chart point to the active issues that define your life.  The chart also reveals your approach to life, your personality, your finances, your siblings, your foundation, what you love and what areas of life that you devote much of your time.  Also, your children, your physical and mental health, your career, goals and ideals.  Your strengths and weaknesses and your evolutionary pathway.  I provide a written copy of your reading to take with you.  Your birth chart comes with a generalized one year forecast.  This chart requires date, place and time of birth.  A great gift for newborns!






PRICE $150.00

A detailed forecast of your year ahead.  This chart requires date, place and time of birth.

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